Uniform line laser Module

Wavelengths:405nm to 850nm
Output power: 3mW-200mW
Special Mode: TEM00
Lens: Optical Glass
Main features: high stable, uniform line
Customize: YES
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Product Details

Uniform Line laser Module

1. Product Description

Uniform line laser module is well distribution line, line clearness, no stray light, superior line and focusing quality. The uniform line laser modules use high quality laser diode with special designed collimating lens and high stable driven circuit (APC).  The characteristics are high reliability, long life span (>10,000hrs), and high stability. It can be widely used in machine vision, industrial inspection, industrial marking devices, 3D contour mapping, positioning & visualization, biomedical, high-end alignment, laser targeting devices and so on...

2. Product Specification


Wavelength Tolerance(nm)±5nm
Output Power(mW)≤100mW
laser drive modes
Transverse ModeTEM00
Aperture4.0 mm
Optical Glass
Line Width(1/e2)<70um (@100mm)
Fan Angle45o(uniform line)
Operating Current<80mA
Operating Voltage
CDRH Class
Class II

Wavelengths can be modified based on clients'requests 

Output power is customizable according to clients'requests 

Working distance, width of laser line can be adjusted based on clients'requests 

Fan angle can be modified based on clients' requests

3. Product Details

uniform line laser module 100mWuniform line laser module20mW

uniform line laser module50mwuniform line laser module30mW

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