Laser Electronic Target

Laser Electronic Target

The main features
No setup required
Real-time audio and visual feedback when hits are detected
Large target screen and numerical display
Show scores and time at longer distances
Shot timer for quick draw practice
Remote control lets you operate the device from your shooting position
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Product Details

Laser Electronic Target

1. Product Description

Laser electronic target is using a laser pulse as real bullet for simulative shooting training system. It can work with any pulsed laser bullet or semiconductor pulse laser gun on the market. There are 4 basic functions such as free shooting, timing shooting, counting shots,and electron voice prompt shooting. While, electron voice ring prompter and large size LED display shooting ring number can meet various training scenes. The target has a built-inrechargeable lithium-ion battery with a standby time of more than 8 hours and can guarantee more than 4 hours running time for general training scene. The main features

-No setup required

-Real-time audio and visual feedback when hits are detected.

-Large target screen and numerical display to show scores and time at longer distances.

-Shot timer for quick draw practice.

-Remote control lets you operate the device from your shooting position

2. Product Specification

Humidity range: 30~95%RHCharging voltage: 5V ± 10% adapter
Battery capacity: 1100mAhCharging current: <500mA
Standby time: 1100mAhTarget effective diameter: 178mm
Standby time: >8 hoursShooting trigger interval: 0.2s
Working current:<300mAResponse wavelength: 400~1100nm
Adapt to laser spot size: 5-10mmLaser pulse peak power: <5mW
Single pulse width: 10-100msShooting distance: >20m

Working environment 


-10~40°CStorage temperature: -30~85°C

Working voltage:

3.5-4.3VDC (built-in lithium-ion battery working voltage)

 RF remote control parameters

Working voltage: 12V (23A type disposable dry battery)Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz
Transmit power: <10mWModulation method: ASK/OOK
Number of coding groups: 4Remote control distance: >20m

Working environment 


-10~40°CStorage temperature:-30~85°C
Humidity range:30~95% RH

3. Product Details

target shootinglaser electronic targetlaser electronic targetlaser shooting target

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