RGB Laser Light Flashlight

Red/Green Light Laser Designator Hunting Flashlight
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Product Details

RGB Laser Light Flashlight

1. Product Description

Elite offers multiple colors of laser flashlight in shooting accessories. Laser Flashlight one of the best complementary Products for outdoor shooting. we has all size for different people and outdoor shooting instruments.

Application Area:

1.Laser Alignment 

2.Aiming and Positioning 

3.Hunting and Spotting  

4.Search and Rescue  

5.Outdoors and Hiking 

2. Product Specification


488nm, 532nm, 650nm (Customizable)
Output Power50mW/100mW
BatteryTwo CR123 or 18650,16340 battery
Max input beam diameter50mm
Min beam divergence0.05mrad
Operating Voltage3.6-9V

Operating Temperature



Net Weight260g

3. Product Details

laser flashlight supplier20mW Green Laser Flashlight supplier

20mW Green Laser Flashlight manufacturer20mW Green Laser Flashlight manufacturer

Contact Information

Email: egoista@s-laser.com

WhatsApp: +86-15711179218

Elite Optoelectronics Headquarters

No. 3-10502, Modern Business Center, No. 2, Zhangba 5th Road, Hi-Tech Zone 

Xi’an, Shaanxi, 710077, China 

Website: www.laser-elite.com