Dry Fire Laser Cartridge

Wavelengths: 635nm,650nm
Output power: 3mW
Offaxis angle:0.1mrad
Main features: Compact and lightweight
Customize: YES
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Product Details

Dry Fire Laser Cartridge

1. Product Description

Dry Fire laser Cartridge, or the laser bullet is designed for training and shooting simulation. 

Enhance trigger control, improve accuracy and fine-tune your shooting skills without going to the range or spending money on ammo with Elite's Laser Training Cartridges. 

Revolutionary firing-pin-activation allows you to instantly see the point of impact with each pull of the trigger. When the firing pin hits the Training Cartridge, a laser dot is placed on the target simulating the path of real ammunition. It's a great way to stay sharp and improve your skills, anytime, anywhere.

Dry Fire Laser Cartridge Features:

a. High quality brass construction

b. Easily fits in the chamber for instant training sessions anytime, anywhere

c. Firing pin activation with an instant point of impact dot

d. 3,000 shot battery life

e. Batteries included

Friendly reminder

1. Clear the gun, magazines and any equipment you will be using of all live ammunition and secure it in another room or secured container.

2. Find a regular training area without distractions such as a garage or basement.

3. If you are dry fire training in you home be sure to let others in the room aware of you training.

4. Do not train at an interior wall that a bullet could pass through. Interior walls with an outer brick wall or stone fireplace are the preferred settings.

5. Never under any circumstances dry fire at people, pets, or anything of value.

6. Never dry fire if you are fatigued, distracted, or if your mind is preoccupied.

7. Dry fire with someone watching you, if you are a first-timer.  Once you have a comfortable feel for technique, it is fine to practice on your own.

8. If you are interrupted, repeat all your safety checks.

9. Be cautious when going from live to dry fire back to live fire with your firearm.

10. Do not train while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

11. Supervise children at all times if they are dry fire training or watching.

2. Product Specification

High End QualityLow End QualityStainless High End

Laser module

635nm 3mW( high brightness)

650nm 3mW

635nm 3mW( high brightness)

Work current

Less than 20mW(less power 

consumption,more efficiency)


Less than 20mW(less power 

consumption,more efficiency)

Off axis angle

0.1mrad( high precision)


0.1mrad( high precision)


Brass with gold-plated

(good looking housing)

Brass deactivated


Life Span

More than 8,000hrs


More than 8,000hrs

3. Product Details

dry firelaser cartridge

laser bulletdry fire laser bullet

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