Blue,Red,Green Laser Light Flashlight

Blue,Red,Green Laser Light Flashlight

Red/Green Light Laser Designator Hunting Flashlight
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Product Details

Red/Green Light Laser Designator Hunting Flashlight

(1)   50mw laser designator/sight

(2)   Wavelength: 532nm   650nm .(according to you need )

(3)   Expansion: 10X  

(4)   Battery: Two CR123 or 18650,16340 battery

(5)  Two CR123 battery work time: 4-6 hours continuum

(6)   Output power: 50mW/100MW

(7)   Max input beam diameter: 50mm  

(8)   Min beam divergence: 0.05mrad  

(9)   Max beam divergence: 1.8degree 

(10) Least Min dot shooting distance: more than 1500m in dark

(11) Max beam shooting distance: more than 500m in dark.

(10) Laser class: class 111a  

(11) Operating Voltage:3.6-9V 

(12) Operating Temperature: -5°C~40°C  

(13) Storage Temperature: -20°C~65°C 

(14) Dimension: Φ25.4mm×210mm 

(15) Net Weight: 260g

White-Red-Green-Light-Laser-Designator-Hunting (1)

Application Area:

1.Laser Alignment 

2.Aiming and Positioning 

3.Hunting and Spotting  

4.Search and Rescue  

5.Outdoors and Hiking