WellDistributed Line Laser Module

WellDistributed Line Laser Module

Elite provides a series of line laser modules with evenly energy distribution. The finest width of the line can be to 10um, with10° to 90° optiona l fan angle, various power and different wavelength 405nm, 445nm, 520nm, 532nm 635nm, 650nm, 780nm, 830nm, 850nm.
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Product Details

Well-Distributed Line Laser Module 405nm~850nm 5mW~25mW Fan Angle 10-90Degree

Features of Well-distributed Line Laser Module:
  • High stability and high reliability

  • Compact size

  • Low power consumption

  • Customized solutions for OEM applications

Applications of Well-distributed Line Laser Module:

  • Laser alignment and positioning

  • Industrial instruments and equipments

  • Medical Treatment Instruments

  • Construction positioning

  • Other OEM applications……

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 Sent Us Inquiry Now and Pls mention the following points:
  1. Wavelength
  2. Output power
  3. Working distance

  4. Fan angle

  5. Beam size