Waterproof Wide Beam Laser Red Mini Laser Diode Module For Industry Laser Equipment

Waterproof Wide Beam Laser Red Mini Laser Diode Module For Industry Laser Equipment

This mini laser diode module, small dimension and with low power consumption, particularly suited for built-in miniature devices and tools, which could enable the laser tools and equipment miniaturized.
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Product Details

Waterproof Wide Beam Laser Red Mini Laser Diode Module for Industry Laser Equipment

1. Quick Details:

  • Function: pointer 

  • Battery: 3VDC 

  • Lifetime: >8000Hrs 

  • Certificated: FDA IEC SGS ISO9001-2008 

  • Material: brass or aluminum 

  • output power: 1mW ~ 200mW 

  • laser pattern: dot,line and cross 

  • Operating Temp.: -10°C ~ 50°C 

  • laser type: mini green laser diode module 

  • Temp. Stability: > 95% (@-10°C ~ 50°C) 

  • Voltage Stability: > 98% (@2.7 ~ 5.5VDC) 

2. Features:

1. Mini laser diode module 
2. 15 years experience 
3. FDA IEC SGS ISO9001-2008 
4. Wide temperature range -10C ~ 50C 
5. High reliable 

6. Long lifespan

DSC01067           DSC00939

3. Specifications:

ParameterSpecifications.Test Conditions
Wavelength532/650 nmTc = 25°C
Output Power1 ± 0.5mwTc = 25°C 
Laser ModesCW
Transverse modeTEM00
Output Aperture< 1.5 mmFactory fixed
Beam Size< 8 mmFactory fixed @ 10m
Divergence< 0.8 mrad Tc = 25 ±3°C
Stability> 80 %
Operating Current< 180 mATc = 25±3°C
Operating Voltage3-5 VDC
Operating Temp.0°C ~ 45°C
Storage Temp.-20°C ~ 70°C
OpticsGlass Lens
CDRH ClassClass IIIa
MTTF8000 Hrs.Tc = 25±3°C


4. Model List:

ModelWaveApertureOutputDivergenceBeam SizeLensDimension
MN650-05FA650nm¢1.8mm<3.5mw0.8mrad6x12mm(at10m)Optical Glass¢3.8x8.5mm
MN650-05FB650nm¢2.4mm<3.2mw0.6mrad5x10mm(at10m)Optical Glass¢4.0x10mm
MN650-05FC650nm¢3.0mm<3.0mw0.4mrad4x8mm(at10m)Optical Glass¢6.0x12mm
MN650-10FA650nm¢1.8mm<5.0mw0.8mrad6x12mm(at10m)Optical Glass¢3.8x8.5mm
MN650-10FB650nm¢2.4mm<4.5mw0.6mrad5x10mm(at10m)Optical Glass¢4.0x10mm
MN650-10FC650nm¢3.0mm<4.2mw0.4mrad4x8mm(at10m)Optical Glass¢6.0x12mm
MN635-05FA635nm¢1.8mm<3.5mw0.8mrad6x12mm(at10m)Optical Glass¢3.8x8.5mm
MN635-05FB635nm¢2.4mm<3.2mw0.6mrad5x10mm(at10m)Optical Glass¢4.0x10mm
MN635-05FC635nm¢3.0mm<3.0mw0.4mrad4x8mm(at10m)Optical Glass¢6.0x12mm
MN635-10FA635nm¢1.8mm<5.0mw0.8mrad6x12mm(at10m)Optical Glass¢3.8x8.5mm
MN635-10FB635nm¢2.4mm<4.5mw0.6mrad5x10mm(at10m)Optical Glass¢4.0x10mm
MN635-10FC635nm¢3.0mm<4.2mw0.4mrad4x8mm(at10m)Optical Glass¢6.0x12mm


5. QC Flow:

  1. Professional Power Meter for a double check

  2. Qualified professional staff for the beam size/line thickness testing

  3 .Strictly surface Inspection before loading to the warehouse.



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