Micro Beam Laser Diode Module

Micro Beam Laser Diode Module

Elite could customize the micro beam laser module according to customer's special requirements, with various wavelength of 405nm, 445nm, 520nm, 635nm, 650nm, 780nm, 830nm, 850nm. The laser beam could be small to 5μm with high stability and reliability.
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Product Details

Micro Beam Laser Diode Module Features:

a. High stability and high reliability

b. Compact size

c. Low power consumption

d. Customized solutions for OEM applications

Micro Beam Laser Diode Module Specifications:

laser module (13)


Micro Beam Laser Diode Module Applications:

a. Machine vision
b. Industrial inspection

c. Industrial marking devices

d. 3D contour mapping
e. Positioning & visualization
 f. Biomedical
g. High-end alignment

h. Laser targeting devices and so on.. 

Sample order are glad to be offer too .Wish would get your enquiry.

Before our Quotation pls confirm the specifications as following:

1. Output power 

2. Housing Dimension 

3. Working distance 

4. Beam size/Line thickness

5. driving voltage