High Quality Portable Laser Module

Wavelength: 375nm ~ 980nm
Output Power: 20mW ~ 1000mW
Power Stability (RMS over 48 hrs): <1.0%
RMS Noise (10 Hz to 1.0 MHz): <1.0%
Beam Quolity: <1.2
Beam Shape: Circular / Elliptical
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Product Details

High Quality Portable Laser Diode Module with TEC control

High Power Laser Diode Module means that the output power is more than 50mW. This product has high output power, good collimation, and small sized beam. It meets needs for far distance (large range) working or high brightness working (such as stage lights, landscape project, etc).

Key Feature:

1. High Quality

2. High Stability

3. High Reliability

4. APC driving circuit

5. Low Noise

6. Low Cost

7. Long Life

Product Specification:

Wavelength375nm ~ 980nm
Output Power
20mW ~ 1000mW
Power Stability (RMS over 48 hrs)


RMS Noise (10 Hz to 1.0 MHz)<1.0%
Beam Quality<1.2
Beam ShapeCircular / Elliptical
Transverse ModeTEM00
Polariztion RatioLinear > 100:1
Warranty18 months



1. Industrial Instruments and Equipments

2. Wild Explore Instruments

3. Military Instruments and Equipments

4. Medical Instruments 

Model Options:

High Output Power Series (With TEC Control)