650nm Mini Laser Diode Module

Durable mini laser diode,650nm laser diode,3-5v mini laser diode module Product Description Product descriptions of mini laser diode : Mini Laser Diode Modules Elite optoelectronics Co,.LTD,established in 2003,is a professional company specialized in developing and manufacturing mini green laser...
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  Durable mini laser diode,650nm laser diode,3-5v mini laser diode module


Product Description

Product descriptions of mini laser diode :

Mini Laser Diode Modules

Elite optoelectronics Co,.LTD,established in 2003,is a professional company specialized in developing and manufacturing mini green laser diode module and optoelectronic products. Mini laser diode module, small dimension and with low power consumption, particularly suited for built-in miniature devices and tools, which could enable the laser tools and equipments miniaturized. Mini laser diode module is mainly applied in gun laser sighting, bar code scanning, etc. 

Quick Details

  • Function: pointer 

  • Battery: 3VDC 

  • Lifetime: >8000Hrs 

  • Certificated: FDA IEC SGS ISO9001-2008 

  • Material: brass or aluminum 

  • output power: 1mW ~ 200mW 

  • laser pattern: dot,line and cross 

  • Operating Temp.: -10°C ~ 50°C 

  • laser type: mini green laser diode module 

  • Temp. Stability: > 95% (@-10°C ~ 50°C) 

  • Voltage Stability: > 98% (@2.7 ~ 5.5VDC) 


mini laser diode module 
Ten years experience 
FDA IEC SGS ISO9001-2008 
Wide temperature range -10C ~ 50C 
high reliable 

Long lifespan


Key FeatureApplication
1.Small dimension1.   Gun Laser Sight
2.Low Consumption2.   Laser Alignment
3.Low cost3.   Bar Scan



ParameterSpecifications.Test Conditions
Wavelength532 nmTc = 25°C
Output Power4 ± 0.8mwTc = 25°C 
Laser ModesCW 
Transverse modeTEM00 
Output Aperture< 1.5 mmFactory fixed
Beam Size< 8 mmFactory fixed @ 10m
Divergence< 0.8 mrad Tc = 25 &plusmn;3&deg;C
Stability> 80 % 
Operating Current< 180 mATc = 25&plusmn;3&deg;C
Operating Voltage3 VDC 
Operating Temp.0&deg;C ~ 45&deg;C 
Storage Temp.-20&deg;C ~ 70&deg;C 
OpticsGlass Lens 
CDRH ClassClass IIIa 
MTTF8000 Hrs.Tc = 25&plusmn;3&deg;C


ModelWaveApertureOutputDivergenceBeam SizeLensDimension
MN650-05FA650nm&cent;1.8mm<3.5mw0.8mrad6x12mm(at10m)Optical Glass&cent;3.8x8.5mm
MN650-05FB650nm&cent;2.4mm<3.2mw0.6mrad5x10mm(at10m)Optical Glass&cent;4.0x10mm
MN650-05FC650nm&cent;3.0mm<3.0mw0.4mrad4x8mm(at10m)Optical Glass&cent;6.0x12mm
MN650-10FA650nm&cent;1.8mm<5.0mw0.8mrad6x12mm(at10m)Optical Glass&cent;3.8x8.5mm
MN650-10FB650nm&cent;2.4mm<4.5mw0.6mrad5x10mm(at10m)Optical Glass&cent;4.0x10mm
MN650-10FC650nm&cent;3.0mm<4.2mw0.4mrad4x8mm(at10m)Optical Glass&cent;6.0x12mm
MN635-05FA635nm&cent;1.8mm<3.5mw0.8mrad6x12mm(at10m)Optical Glass&cent;3.8x8.5mm
MN635-05FB635nm&cent;2.4mm<3.2mw0.6mrad5x10mm(at10m)Optical Glass&cent;4.0x10mm
MN635-05FC635nm&cent;3.0mm<3.0mw0.4mrad4x8mm(at10m)Optical Glass&cent;6.0x12mm
MN635-10FA635nm&cent;1.8mm<5.0mw0.8mrad6x12mm(at10m)Optical Glass&cent;3.8x8.5mm
MN635-10FB635nm&cent;2.4mm<4.5mw0.6mrad5x10mm(at10m)Optical Glass&cent;4.0x10mm
MN635-10FC635nm&cent;3.0mm<4.2mw0.4mrad4x8mm(at10m)Optical Glass&cent;6.0x12mm


QC Flow

  1 Professional Power Meter for double check

  2 Qualified professional staff for the beam size/line thickness testing

  3 Strictly surface Inspection before load to the warehouse.


Product pictures of mini laser diode :

Red Laser Modules (156).jpgRed Laser Modules (160).jpgRed Laser Modules (161).jpgRed Laser Modules (162).jpg