Dry Fire Training Red Dot Laser Bullet Bore Sight 380Acp 45Acp

380Acp 40s&w Red Laser Training Bullet Bore Sight Product Description Elite could supply a series of Laser Bullet for shooting and training , they are. 223, 204,30Carbine, 9mm, .22, 7.62x39, 7.62x51, 7.62x54, 8x57mm, 25-06Rem (30-06Spr/270Win), 243Win (308Win/260Rem/7mm-08/358Win),...
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Product Details

380Acp 40s&w Red Laser Training Bullet Bore Sight


Product Description

Elite could supply a series of Laser Bullet for shooting and training, they are. 223, 204,30Carbine, 9mm, .22, 7.62x39, 7.62x51, 7.62x54, 8x57mm, 25-06Rem (30-06Spr/270Win), 243Win (308Win/260Rem/7mm-08/358Win), 22-250Rem, 30-30Win, 264Win 375H+H, 270WSM, 45-70Gove, 6.5x55mm, 38Spec, 44Mag, 45Acp, 45Colt, 40S&W, 12Gauge, 20Gauge,40S&W Bore Sight. As well as various types of Arbor. Once we combine the Bore Sight with different Arbor, the finished product will be able to suit different gun types. 



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The laser bullet is designed for training and shooting simulation.


Enhance trigger control, improve accuracy and fine-tune your shooting skills without going to the range or spending money on ammo with Elite's Laser Training Cartridges.


Revolutionary firing-pin-activation allows you to instantly see the point of impact with each pull of the trigger. When the firing pin hits the Training Cartridge, a laser dot is placed on the target simulating the path of real bullet. It's a great way to stay sharp and improve your skills, anytime, anywhere.



Two Types of Laser Training Cartridge Circuit Mode: 


Type 1: The laser will turn on for about 0.05seconds when the trigger is pulled and will turn off automatically. The laser will turn off even if the firing-pin is pressing of the end cap of the bullet.


Type 2: The laser will turn on when the trigger is pulled and will keep on when the firing-pin press of the end cap. The laser will turn off after 0.05seconds once the firing-pin release the end cap.


1. Gun calibration

2. Simulation of ballistic 


1. High brightness

2. High precision 

3. Less power consumption,

4. Long life 

5. More efficiency

6. 100% brass housing and gold-plated 

7. Compact and lightweight

8. Full series



Laser Wavelength

635 nm 650nm


Visible Red Dot Laser


<5 mW


3x LR66

Range for Sighting

5-100 yards

Dot Size

1 inches at 25 yards


100% deactivated brass housing


-10 to +50°


Bore Sight Package: 


a.Plain Poly Bag: free of charge.

b.Plain White Box Package:MOQ:1,000pcs.

c.Blister Package :MOQ:2,000pcs.

d.Pouch Pacakge :MOQ:1,000pcs.

e.SPTE Package :MOQ:1000pcs.



Friendly Reminder

1. Clear the gun, magazines and any equipment you will be using of all live ammunition and secure it in another room or secured container.

2. Find a regular training area without distractions such as a garage or basement.

3. If you are dry fire training in you home be sure to let others in the room aware of you training.

4. Do not train at an interior wall that a bullet could pass through. Interior walls with an outer brick wall or stone fireplace are the preferred settings.

5. Never under any circumstances dry fire at people, pets, or anything of value.

6. Never dry fire if you are fatigued, distracted, or if your mind is preoccupied.

7. Dry fire with someone watching you, if you are a first-timer.  Once you have a comfortable feel for technique, it is fine to practice on your own.

8. If you are interrupted, repeat all your safety checks.

9. Be cautious when going from live to dry fire back to live fire with your firearm.

10. Do not train while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

11. Supervise children at all times if they are dry fire training or watching.


General Warranty:

  • You will be given 12 Months Limited warranty covers from the date of purchase to the same date of coming year.

  •  Limited Warranty means any defectives which caused by original material, manufacturing process, technological design and packaging will be covered by above mentioned warranty. 

  •  Any other damages and malfunctions which caused by misuse, inappropriate treatment, unauthorized modifications and repairs are not covered by above mentioned warranty.