Dry Fire Cartridge Training Laser Bullet

Dry Fire Cartridge Training Laser Bullet

Elite developed 48 kinds of laser bullet in various calibers,customized welcome .
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Elite developed 48 kinds of  laser bullet in various calibers of .223Rem,204,7.62x39mm,7.62x51 US,7.62mm RUS,

7.62x54,25-06Rem,30-06Spr, 270Win,243Win,308Win,260Rem,7mm-08Rem,358mm,12 Gauge,20 Gauge,

30 Gauge,9mm Luger,22-250Rem,30-30Win,264Win,375H+H,270WSM,45-70Gov,6.5x55mm,38Spec,44Mag, 45Acp, 45Colt,.22,17H.M.R,8x57mm,40S&W,338LM(Lapua Magnum),50BMG,250(250/3000Savage),6.5x57mm Mauser,7x57mm Rem,7x64mm,7x65mm Rem,9.3x62mm,303British,222Rem,8mm Rem,300Win,300WSM Two collections of laser bullet with different quality level are available. The below table compares the two collections’ difference.

High End Quality
Low End Quality
Laser module
635nm 3mW( high brightness)
650nm 3mW
Work current
Less than 20mA(less power consumption, more efficiency)
Off axis angle
0.1mrad( high precision)
Brass with gold-plated(good looking housing)
Brass deactivated
Life Span
More than 8,000hrs

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