445nm Blue Laser Diode Module

445nm Blue Laser Diode Module

Elite could provide high quality 445nm laser diode module. Except the models listed below, several more options are available. Elite could also do customized new Blue Violet & Green Laser Diode Module. 445nm (Blue) 5mw ~ 200mw Dot & Line Laser Diode Module
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Product Details

445nm Blue Laser Diode Module

Elite 445nm Blue Laser Module Applications: 

a. Aiming, positioning and pointing

b. Dimensional scanning 

c. Illumination

d. Industrial laser alignment

e. Scanning biochemistry

f.  Material inspection

g. Medical alignment and treatment

h. Scientific equipment

i. Collimation

j. Optics instrument


Product Description:445nm 3.5W High Power Blue Laser Diode Module for Cutting

Output Power3500mW
Input Voltage12V
Input Current 5A
Storage Temperature-40~85
Working Temperature0~70
Wire Length25cm
Irradiation Distance8M
Lightspot Size<15mm
Service Life8000H         
We offer professional OEM service ,all laser modules can be customized by you!

Product Picture

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