What is uniform intensity and Why is important

- Nov 19, 2019-

Most of the laser types used produce output beams with circular or elliptical cross-section, which have Gaussian or near Gaussian intensity distribution. This Gaussian intensity distribution is acceptable, and is usually beneficial for many applications of laser focusing on a small spot. However, for many different uses,  uniform intensity distribution (often referred to as a "flat top") would be more important. For example, in the material processing task, the uniform intensity distribution can ensure the uniform processing of the whole laser illumination area. It is also valuable when the laser is mainly used for illumination. This is because uniform illumination makes the same features appear to have the same brightness, regardless of where they are located in the illumination field, thus simplifying the image processing task and improving the contrast and resolution. These same advantages apply to a wide range of other applications and can be broadly classified as "lighting" from machine vision through flow cytometry, inspection, and even some medical uses.

Elite Optoelectronics offer wide range wavelength from 405nm to 980nm uniform line modules, with high-quality laser diode, optical glass lens, high stability power (APC control), and high uniform line quality.The line thickness can be less than 100um. If the working distance is very small, the line thickness can reach about 10um.We have both powell lens module and our patented Special lens modules. For uniform line, both ends have a litte intermittent. Our special lens modules can solve this problem and get highly uniform. Uniform line laser modules can be widely used in Machine vision, Industrial inspection, Industrial marking devices, 3D contour mapping, Positioning &visualization, Biomedical, High-end alignment, Laser targeting devices, etc. Please present us with all of the information necessary to create a uniform line system that will work perfectly in your application.