520nm 532nm Green Mini Laser Diode Module

520nm 532nm Green Mini Laser Diode Module

Mini laser diode module, small dimension and with low power consumption, particularly suited for built-in miniature devices and tools, which could enable the laser tools and equipments miniaturized. Mini laser diode module is mainly applied in gun laser sighting, bar code scanning, etc.
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Mini Laser diode module laser modules red dot 405nm 450nm 520nm 532nm 635nm 650nm 655nm 658nm 660nm 780nm 808nm 850nm 980nm..


Elite Laser Diode Module Applications:

a.Industrial laser alignment, positioning, pointing, surveying and detection equipment

b. Medical laser treatment instruments

c.3D measurement

d. Metrology equipment

e.Laser test equipment, fire alarm system

f.Laser analytical instrument

g.Chemical analysis, biological analysis

h.Laser diagnostics

i.Microfluidic system

g. Laser gas analysis

k.Oral dental lasers

l.Biomedical analysis

m.DNA sequencing, life science

n.Laboratory equipment, scientific research

o. laser barcode reader

p.Laser tools etc.