Outdoor Line Laser Projector

Outdoor Line Laser Projector

Laser Line Projector is mainly used in such applications as stone, wood and cloth cutting by projecting a distinct red line. It features small size, convenient adjusting, easy mounting, high reliability, high stability and long life. Special power and mounting frame are provided.

Product Details

Laser line projector Specifications and Model:                            

Dimensions:A series ¢26*110mm ¢ 16*70mm
B series   ¢ 40*180mm ¢ 50*210mm
Wavelength:532nm,635 nm,650nm
LD power:5 mw ~ 130mw
Fan Angle:110°or 90°
Line Thickness::1 mm (@3 m), 2 mm (@5 m)
Line Length:1: 3.0 or 1: 2.0 (Distance: Length)
Operating Voltage:5VDC or 90 ~ 250 VAC (50/60Hz)
Operating Current:50 mA ~ 250 mA
Operating Temp:- 10°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temp:- 40°C ~ 80°C
CDRH ClassClass IIIa, Class IIIb
Optical Lens:Optical Glass
NOTE: the specification of output power and fan angle is adjustable according to customer’s requirement.