Outdoor Line Laser Projector

Wavelength: 520nm
Power: 50mw
Fan angle: 110°or 90°
Line thickness: 1 mm (@3 m), 2 mm (@5 m) Dimension: ¢26*110mm ¢ 16*70mm
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Product Details

Outdoor Line Laser Projector

1. Product Description

Elite Optoelectronics offers high-end and high quality industrial level line laser projector(generator) with wavelength 532nm, 635nm, 650nm.

2. Product Specification

Dimensions:A series ¢ 26*110mm ¢ 16*70mm
B series ¢ 40*180mm ¢ 50*210mm
Wavelength:532nm, 635 nm,650nm
LD power:5 mW ~ 130mW
Fan Angle:110°or 90°
Line Thickness::1 mm (@3 m), 2 mm (@5 m)
Line Length:1:3.0 or 1:2.0 (Distance: Length)
Operating Voltage:5VDC or 90 ~ 250 VAC (50/60Hz)
Operating Current:50 mA ~ 250 mA
Operating Temp:- 10°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temp:- 40°C ~ 80°C
CDRH ClassClass IIIa, Class IIIb
Optical Lens:Optical Glass

NOTE: the specification of output power and fan angle is adjustable according to the customer’s requirement.

3. Product Details

laser Projector Supplierlaser Projector Supplier

laser Projector Manufacturerlaser Projector Manufacturer

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