Low Power Infrared Laser Diode Module

Wavelength: 780nm-980nm
Output power: 5mw~5000mw
Dimension: Customized
Main features: High reliability, stability
Applications: Alignment, detector
Customize: YES
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Product Details

Low Power Infrared Laser Diode Module

1. Product Description

Low power infrared laser diode module has lower output power and still high quality and highly stable product.
Note: the difference of models listed is with different aperture and divergence. Some are suitable for short-distance working (<2m), while some are suitable for far distance working (>50m). Please contact us; we will design a customized product especially suitable for your application

2. Product Specification

Wavelength780nm~ 980nm
Output Power1mW ~ 50mW
Operating Current20mA ~ 1000mA
Input Voltage+2.6 ~ 15.0 VDC
Beam Angle

< 3mrad

RMS Noise (20 Hz to 20 MHz)< 0.5%
Peak-to-Peak Noise (20 Hz to 20 MHz)< 2%
Beam PatternDot, Line, Cross
LensOptical Glass

3. Product Details

IR laser module providerIR laser module supplier

IR laser module supplierIR laser module manufactures

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