810nm IR Laser Diode Module

Wavelength: 810nm
Output Power: 5nW
Key features: compact size, high stability
Beam pattern: dot, line, cross line
Customize: YES
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Product Details

810nm IR Laser Diode Module

1. Product Description

810nm 5mW IR Laser Diode Module is our hot sale product, with wavelength 810nm and output power 5mW. Elite offer industrial level diode laser module, and become leading manufactures of laser module in China. Contact us for more information.

2. Product Specification



Wavelength Tolerance (nm)

± 5nm

Output Power

Operating Current25mA ~ 2000mA
Operating Temperature
-10℃ ~50℃
Storage Temperature-10℃ ~50℃
LensOptical Glass
Life Span
Customized ServerAccept

3. Product Details

Laser Module Manufactures Laser Module Manufactures

Which could be combined with Line-Series.


1 The Dot series laser diode module is customized products with different plastic and glass lens. 

Thus the laser shape could be an ellipse or circle with various divergence, beam size and aperture.  The output power is adjustable according to customers’ requirements.

2 Dimensions are customized according to customer’s needs except the ones list.

3 More models could be offered such as EL65D05IGX, EL65D05IG6, EL65D05IG7, EL65D05IG10,

EL65D05IG15, etc. Elite is continually developing new models and launching to me.

QC Flow:

1 Professional Power Meter for double check

2 Qualified professional staff for the beam size/line thickness testing

3 Strictly surface Inspection before load to the warehouse.

Sent Us Inquiry Now and Please mention the following spec:

1 Wavelength

2 Output Powder

3 Housing Dimension 

4 Work distance

5 Beam size, which including the fan angle and the line thickness

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