520nm green laser module

Wavelengths: 520nm
Output power: 3mW-80mW
Special Mode: TEM00
Lens: Optical Glass
Main features: stable, small size
Customize: YES
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Product Details

520nm green laser module

1. Product Description

520nm green laser module is direct diode emission, providing highly visible green laser dot and line for a wide range of applications. Available with range of output power and lens degree levels, this laser line generator produces different various laser line length and line width for multiple line alignment applications.

Elite’s Green laser module could be extensively used for harsh environment yield work which has greatly broadened the application range of green laser module. The other advantage of ELITE green laser module is the low power consumption. The operating current of a 5mW is only around 160mA and could be driven by batteries which make it possible to be hand held.

2. Product Specification


Wavelength Tolerance(nm)±5nm
Output Power(mW)3mW to 80mW
laser drive modes
CW, Analog modulation, Digital Modulation
Transverse ModeTEM00
Aperture4.0 to 8.0mm
Divergence0.1 to 0.3
Optical Glass
expected lifetime>10000hrs

3. Product Details

520 5mw laser module10mW 520nm laser module

20mW 520nm laser module30mW 520nm laser module

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