785nm Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser

Wavelengths: 785nm
Output power: 10mW-80mW
Fiber mode: Single mode
Special Mode: TEM00
Lens: Optical Glass
Main features: High stability, Low noise
Customize: YES
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Product Details

785nm Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser

1. Product Description

785nm Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser, one the high demand product series. 785nm laser mode has wide applications in biomedicine instruments and equipment. Response to market demand, Elite provides high quality and stability single mode laser mode. we offer customized serves for special requirements. Contact us for the quotation and details.

2. Product Specification



Wavelength Tolerance (nm)

± 2.0nm
Output Power200mW
Power Stability (RMS over 48 hours)< 2.0%
RMS Noise (20Hz to 2.0MHz)< 0.2%

Peak-to-Peak Noise (%) (20 Hz to 20 kHz

< 2.0%
Polarization OrientationParallel fo FC bench
Speical ModeTEM00
Laser Drive ModesCW, Analog Modulation, Digital Modulation
ESD Protectionlevel 4

3. Product Details

Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser Supplier

Bios Laser Module provider Bios Laser Module manufacturer

Bios Laser Module manufacturer Bios Laser Module supplier

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