Red Single Mode Laser Module

Wavelength: 650nm
Output power: 20mW
Spatial Mode: TEM00
Feature: High Stability and Low Noise
Customizable: Yes
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Product Details

Red Single Mode Laser Module

1. Product Description

The red single mode laser module has highly stable, reliable and high quality and low-noise laser beam output. Single Mode Laser Module offers output power from 20mW to 120mW. Fiber core diameter and Fiber Cable Length are customizable. Elite continuously provides high-quality industrial level laser modules. Please contact us for more specification and details. 

Elite Optoelectronics offers not only high quality and stability laser module but also provides high level technical support. Our professional team members are dedicated to continuously supply high quality products and services for global clients.

2. Product Specification


Wavelength Tolerance (nm)

Output Power20mW ~ 120mW
Spatial ModeTEM00

M2 (Beam Quality)3

≤ 1.2
Beam Diameter at 1/e2 (mm)0.8 ±0.1

Beam Divergence (mrad, full-angle)

< 1.3
RMS Noise (%) (20 Hz to 20 MHz)≤ 0.05
ESD Protectionlevel 4

3. Product Details


Single Mode Fiber Couple LaserSingle Mode Fiber Couple Laser Manufactures

Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser SupplierSingle Mode Fiber Couple Laser

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