High Power DPSS Laser (100mW, 200mW)

High Power DPSS Laser (100mW, 200mW)

520nm Green diode laser module The green laser diode is the new technic process component needs higher driving voltage. And the wavelength is in 510nm to 520nm range not the exact green color defined 530nm. There are much better stability and wide temperature operating range to green laser diode module. And the green laser diode size is small if not include the driving circuit and heat sink. The green laser diode module is the trend to replace the traditional DPSS green laser module because high performance.

Product Details

Customized Lasers

In the event that none of our standard products meet your exact requirements, our customized design service provides single prototypes and small production runs in just a few days. Our engineering and Design Team have over 15 years in low power laser diode module design.

We divide a laser diode module structure into 4 main sections:
- a laser diode
- an optical lens
- a laser driver circuit
- optical and mechanical properties

1. Laser Diode:
-Main characteristics of laser diode: wavelength, output power, and operating temperature;

We can provide diode laser modules with wavelengths comprising 405nm, 450nm blue laser module,520nm green laser module, 635nm, 650nm red laser module up to 1550nm infrared laser module.


1. Introduction of DPSS Green Laser Module:

Wide Temperature Operating GLM is a special technology developed by Elite, which could be operated stably within -10~50℃. It has significantly solved the problem of narrow operating temperature limitation of normal green diode module.


key featureApplication 
Wide temp. operatingLaser position
Low consumptionLaser sight
High reliablitySurveying instrument
APC controlMedical instrument
Mini sizeMilitary equipment

 High Power DPSS Green Laser Module:

30mW-200mW DPSS green laser module with TEC temperature control is high stability and reliability .