405nm 100mW Bios Series Laser Module

405nm 100mW Bios Series Laser Module

Wavelength: 375-980nm
Output power: 20~120mw
Applications: Bios Instruments,DNA Sequencing and Analysis,Flow Cytometry
Customize: YES
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Product Details

405nm 100mW Bios Series Laser Module

1. Product Description

405nm 100mW Bios Series Laser Module Exclusively designed and patented by ELITE.In DNA sequencing lasers are focused either through a flow channel (like in flow cytometry) or onto a microplate where the tagged molecules ordered and scanned.  Like all fluorescence applications, most of the visible wavelengths can be used in DNA sequencing, but it’s essential that all DNA sequencing lasers have a high quality TEM00 beam profile. ELITE of Bios Laser Series Module is good beam quality,high power stability and low noise.The parameters and outer dimensions can be changed on the user's special requirements.

2. Product Specification

Operation Wavelength405nm
Operation Wavelength Accuracy±2nm
Output Power≥100mw
Power Stability(RMS over 48 hrs)<0.5%
RMS Noise(10 HZ to 1.0MHz)<0.2%
Beam ShapeCircular

Collimated Beam Width at Exit(at 1/e 2)

Beam Waist Diameter(FW,1/e2)

1.0 to 2.0 mm 

Per Customer Requirements



Beam ProfileGaussian
Spatial Mode


Single mode
Polarization OrientationVertical within ±3°,Linear
Polarization RatioLinear >100:1
Laser DiodeFree space,Continuous
Beam Divergence (full)<0.6mard
Beam Pointing Stability<4μrad/°C
Operating Mode
Pulse or CW operation
DC Input Requirement6.0V DC,2.0A
Operating Temperature Range10°C to 40°C 
Storage Temperature Range-20°C to 70°C 
Operating Relative Humidity(non condensing)<90%
ESD Protectionlevel 4
CDRH CompliantYes
Laser Dimendions


Warranty18 months

Note: If the parameters of the chart are not suitable for your application, pls advice your requirments, we will give you best plan. 

3. Product Details


405nm 100mW Bios Laser Series Module Bios Laser Series Module

375nm~980nm Bios Laser Series Module375nm~980nm Bios Laser Series Module

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