Bios Series Laser Module

Bios Series Laser Module

Wavelength: 375nm~980nm
Output power: 20mW ~ 120mW
Applications: DNA Sequencing and Analysis,Flow Cytometry,Interferometry
Customize: YES
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Product Details

Bios Series Laser Module

1. Product Description

Bios Series Laser Module is the feature product of Elite Optoelectronics, Module For DNA Sequencing.Exclusively designed and patented by ELITE.In DNA sequencing lasers are focused either through a flow channel (like in flow cytometry) or onto a microplate where the tagged molecules ordered and scanned.  Like all fluorescence applications, most of the visible wavelengths can be used in DNA sequencing, but it’s essential that all DNA sequencing lasers have a high quality TEM00 beam profile. ELITE of Bios Laser Series Module is good beam quality,high power stability and low noise.The parameters and outer dimensions can be changed on the user's special requirements. Contact us for a quote, for technical support, or help in selecting the best laser.

2. Product Specification


Bios Series Laser Module Technical Specifications

3. Product Details


High Stability Low Noise Laser

Bios Series Laser Module Module Dimensions

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