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Elite Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd

Company Profile Founded in 2003, Elite Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has become a professional manufacturer of Industrial laser diode modules, DPSS lasers and a professional provider of custom-designed laser solutions. Our industrial laser modules and DPSS lasers come in wavelengths ranging from 405nm to 980 nm with various power ranges, and all products are compliant with FDA, IEC and GB standards. Elite has successfully developed the Industrial Green Laser Module (GLM) which has a wide...


    • High Power Butterfly Fiber Coupled Laser Module

      High Power Butterfly Fiber Coupled Laser Module

      High Precision, Compact and lightweight 830nm 500mw-50W High Power Butterfly Packaged Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Module with 50μm-400μm Fiber Core for Medical Laser Treatment, End Pumping, Science and Research usage etc.

    • Outdoor Line Laser Projector

      Outdoor Line Laser Projector

      Laser Line Projector is mainly used in such applications as stone, wood and cloth cutting by projecting a distinct red line. It features small size, convenient adjusting, easy mounting, high reliability, high stability and long life. Special power and mounting frame are provided.

    • Dry Fire Laser Bore Sighter

      Dry Fire Laser Bore Sighter

      The laser is cartridge designed for training and shooting simulation. Revolutionizing Home Firearm Training,Safe, Fun and Effective Dry-Fire Training at Home

    • RGB Fiber Coupled Laser Module

      RGB Fiber Coupled Laser Module

      Elite has the capability and aspiration to customize your next RGB laser modules. Select from a multiple range of wavelengths 445nm, 520nm, and 635nm. Output power can be modified from lowest 10mW to highest 200mW which enable it to suit all kinds of applications and devices.